Event: #SUNDAYSESSIONS 17 with Kay Suzuki

Happy New Year folks!

Yes, I know January has been a bit slow to start

off with (since our NYD celebrations of course…) but help is at hand!

Our first guest for 2017 Sunday Sessions is none other than Mr Kay Suzuki. Producer, DJ, sound designer, music journalist and record collector (and chef!)

Having given up his cooking stint at Brilliant Corners in the latter half of 2016 to concentrate solely on his musical projects, Kay has quickly become, more than ever, a sought after DJ for his unique and obsessive commitment to his musical tastes.

As a producer, he has worked in bringing together sounds from across the globe whether it be working alongside London based fellow countryman Koichi Sakai as AfroBuddha, collaborating with such diverse artists as Babacarr Dieng (percussionist/vocalist) or vocalist Fatima.

An avid record collector as well as pushing the boundaries of music, expect some deep cuts and spiritual vibes to start your 2017!

twitter: KaySuzukiMusic
web: roundinmotion.net
facebook: www.facebook.com/KaySuzukiMusic

Support as usual from Kengo, Eddieboi and djsoulprovyder holding down the 4 t

o the floor sound.

Kicking off the evening as usual will be the
newstyle hustle class 5-7pm 7 pounds
House dance workshop 7-8pm 6 pounds
Then PARTY til midnight!!

The Book Club: 100-106 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4RH

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